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Ningbo Hengli Auto Parts Bearing Co., Ltd. is located in Ningbo, the port city of the Gold Coast line in China. It is an enterprise specializing in the production
of linear motion ball bearings and related linear motion products,The company carries out the modern management mode with the spirit of
"concentrate on enterprise, win quality, create constant brand, and ensure customer satisfaction".

Requirements for the pursuit of higher quality, the company strictly according to the quality policy of "let linear bearing worry free operation" of the target
implementation, and through the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification, so that the quality of enterprise management embarked on
a standardized procedures and documentation track. At the same time, the introduction of advanced manufacturing equipment and automation special
high-precision bearings detection equipment, professional and technical personnel from the bearing industry, efforts to develop new products, which formed
from design and manufacturing to complete production management system development services, quality in the domestic industry in a leading position.
At present, it has become the main enterprise producing linear motion ball bearings in China, and has many national patents.

The company will be first-class product quality, good corporate reputation, warm and thoughtful service to welcome new and old friends at home and abroad,
a person with breadth of vision, to the company inspection, guidance, business negotiations, we will as in the past the dedication for the new
and old customers service.

HL BEARING-Auto Parts Bearing Professional Manufacturer



HL-Bearing,Six advantages
Strong production strength
The company continues to introduce advanced automation special manufacturing equipment and high-precision
bearing testing instrument.
Strong product research and development support
The company recruit professional and technical personnel of the bearing industry, efforts to develop new products, with a number of national patents.
Modern management system guarantee
Formed a complete production and management system from design, manufacturing to development services, in
the same industry in the quality of leading position.
Adequate stock spot
Order, supply, after-sales service through-train, fully,
rapidly and fully meet the customer in the special model
and large quantities of demand.
Convenient logistics support and guarantee
Ningbo, a port city located on the Gold Coast of China,
has developed traffic, convenient and quick delivery
Pre sale and after-sale
technical support support
Constant force has set up a complete sales and service
network in all parts of the world and domestic provinces
and cities, to provide accurate and efficient service for you.




Both buyers and sellers will care about the life of flange
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The application of linear bearings, used in the industry
widely, and the effect is also very large, many occasions
are not missing, I believe that we all know...


Present situation and development trend of the bearing
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